Why the Blues are in a Good Spot

So far, the St. Louis Blues 2022-23 season can be described by a number of words: frustrating, maddening, inconsistent, subpar are just a few that come to mind. However, coming off the recent news the Blues will be without two of their veteran stars leading up to the trade deadline, Vladimir Tarasenko and Ryan O’Reilly,Continue reading “Why the Blues are in a Good Spot”

Why I’m Spiritual, not Religious

As a child, I grew up Catholic. Not because I wanted to be, but because that’s what my parents were. I went to Catholic grade school and high schools for thirteen years. During those years I would attend mass during the week and then again on the weekend. That was just the norm. I didn’tContinue reading “Why I’m Spiritual, not Religious”

Never Forget the Things That Used to Be a Big Deal

When I was a kid, going out to eat was a big deal. While I didn’t have to wear a tie and jacket, I wasn’t allowed to simply get in the car with what I had been wearing all day. We were supposed to put on nice pants and a collared shirt and make sureContinue reading “Never Forget the Things That Used to Be a Big Deal”

How Illinois Getting Screwed Has Changed College Sports

Most die hard college sports fans have come to expect that the last couple minutes of college basketball games will take much longer than the time on the clock to complete because of the constant reviews. In college football, the reason the games can take so long to complete is in part due to theContinue reading “How Illinois Getting Screwed Has Changed College Sports”

Donald Trump Isn’t as Powerful and Joe Biden Isn’t as Bad as Many People Thought

November 8th, 2022 was a day filled with a lot of uncertainty politically in America. After the events of January 6th, 2021, there will seemingly always be a fear and concern about democracy in our country. There was, and still is, a fear that candidates that lose an election will falsely accuse the election ofContinue reading “Donald Trump Isn’t as Powerful and Joe Biden Isn’t as Bad as Many People Thought”