The Smartest Man in College Football

Winning in college football is not easy, but some coaches have a knack for making it seem that way. Talent and tradition go a long way in making a coach look good and the ability to land top recruits a little bit easier, but better talent and deeper tradition leads to raised expectations. Not manyContinue reading “The Smartest Man in College Football”

Everyday Guys

Everything always feels better after a win, and the Illinois men’s basketball team should feel pretty good after their 82-72 win over Notre Dame Monday night. While the Irish are not a very good basketball team, it was Illinois’ best showing against a high major team to this point of the season. Even more importantlyContinue reading “Everyday Guys”

Not Time to Panic, but Time to Evaluate

Illinois basketball fans are some of the most loyal and passion fans of any team in any sport. For many years, I thought it was just myself that over-reacted to the big wins and paced the floors for hours after the disappointing losses. The world of social media has brought all of those emotions fromContinue reading “Not Time to Panic, but Time to Evaluate”