Why You Should Take Jack Urbanksi

Allow me to introduce myself as a career educator. My job is to identify, develop, and bring out the best in individuals. My favorite side job has been coaching and leading my son’s travel baseball team for the past nine years. I have had the best spot in the world to watch him and kids like Jack Urbanski do what they love, while helping them develop into some high level baseball players.

I worked in sales a few times before I got my teaching license. I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in communications and marketing, so I know what it takes to try and sell a person on a product or an idea. The problem was, that I never really found anything I believed in or loved to sell. I hated the idea of trying to sell someone on something for the sole purpose of padding my own pockets. That is why I wanted to get into the world of teaching and coaching. I wanted be able to impact people’s lives and help them reach their potential.

It is also why I am writing this message now. I know what Jack has to offer a baseball program at the next level. I know Jack would love to continue his baseball career beyond high school. So, I’ve come full circle because it is my goal to help sell anyone that isn’t sure or isn’t convinced about who Jack is as a ballplayer, that they will be missing out on landing a great person who happens to be a really good baseball player.

So, before I get into things, let me clarify what Jack is not:

  1. Jack is not a kid who is going to jump out at you physically. He has been overlooked and discounted because of his size his entire career.
  2. Jack is not a kid that does anything on a baseball field that is going to “wow” you. However, he is one of the most steady, consistent kids you’ll ever coach.

If you’re still reading, then let me tell you what makes Jack special and why I’ll go to battle with him any day with him in my lineup against any team in the country:

  1. Ever since he was eight years old, Jack has had an insight into the game that is beyond his years. He can identify any pitchers tendancies for setting up hitters or holding runners quicker than just about any ballplayer you’ll find. He can remember how a kid or team pitched or hit against us from years ago. He is always perfectly positioned based off what our pitchers are throwing and a hitter’s approach and swing. He’s not the fastest kid, but his stolen base percentage is always one of the highest on the team because of his ability to read pitchers and take great lead-offs. He is incredibly coachable, but he can be utilized as another coach on the field because of his accute attention to detail and ability to communicate it to his teammates.
  2. Most teams and coaches overlook Jack because of his small physical stature, but he is pound for pound one of the strongest players on our team. He has really good bat speed and solid arm strength. Teams often think they can overpower him at the plate, but he stays within himself to always make solid contact. He had an outstanding summer of 2022 with the bat, and uses all fields.https://twitter.com/JackUrbanski4/status/1551676333289361409
  3. Jack is a positionless player, in a good way. His best position on a baseball field is second base, but he has logged a ton of innings for us at third base as well. He is very capable of playing shortstop, as he has in high school. When needed, he will jump behind the plate as well. Multiple college coaches have told me how much they like him because “he’s just a ballplayer.” Wherever he is on the diamond, he is always communicating with his teammates, and everyone else just seems to feel a bit more comfortable with him next to them and things run more smoothly with him out on the field. Offensively, he is a player that has gotten a lot of at bats in the leadoff spot, the last spot, and in the 6-7 spots in our lineup. His approach at the plate translates to plugging him into a variety of spots in the lineup. He had a .494 OB% with 11 walks in 95 plate appearances this past summer.
  4. Jack has a bit of a competitive edge to him that is fearless. He is never overwhelmed at the plate, and he’s not afraid to let some teams know about it. Jack does a great job of walking the line between confident and cocky. He will not come into your program and be overwhelmed by the size, strength, and speed of the upperclassmen in your program.https://twitter.com/canesGL2024/status/1546875390068678656
  5. Jack has some of the better hand-eye coordination you’ll find in a player. In the eight seasons I have coached Jack, he has never struck out more than 7 times in a season. Last year he only struck out 4 times in 95 plate appearances. He is a great player to utilize in hit and runs, and I cannot recall a situation where I asked him to get a bunt down that he did not execute. https://twitter.com/canesGL2024/status/1541879929192734731

I am putting this together because I believe Jack is not on any recruiting radars as a recruit in the 2024 class because of his size and the fact he has not done any showcases. He often chooses not to showcase because his profile and numbers will never come close to reflecting the quality of ballplayer he is. I am willing to stake the reputation of our organization behind this kid. I would ask you to speak to the director of our organization, Brian Blondell, about Jack. (canesgreatlakes@gmail.com or 574-310-3924) You would also get high praise on him from our assistant coach and player at Indiana Wesleyan University, Tyler Bortone. (574-855-8423) Another point of contact would be longtime assistant coach, Tim Trenerry (574-339-6105) whose son is commited to Purdue University.

This kid will always have a special place in my heart, and I will fight for him to play at the school of his choice at the next level. If you decide to bring him on board, I know you will look back on what a great decision and addition that was for your program. He is a future coach and “program kid” that can/will fill a number of holes on your roster.

Mike Gallo Head Coach Canes Great Lakes

574-850-8808 mike.gallo314@mikegallo314


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I have been in education for over 20 years, and it has been an amazing and rewarding career. I grew up on the east side of St. Louis, and I'm an avid sports fan. My three biggest addictions in life are the St. Louis Cardinals, St. Louis Blues, and University of Illinois athletics. I love listening to rock blues, and americana styled music. Throughout the years I have coached boys and girls basketball from the youth levels to the varsity level, and the last 10 years I have coached travel baseball. I have a passion for writing, and a long list of experiences and topics that I like to share my thoughts on. The best part about writing, are the conversations and thoughts that are shared as a result.

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